Welcome to my blog, hun!

18/08/2023 | General chit chat

Good old welcome post, nothing fancy nothing novel here. Yet so delightful!

I’m actually quite excited ’bout this, I’m a writer at my core and having a blog has been a dream of mine for some time now. (Fun fact, I actually started a beauty blog back in the days…! Oh it was fun. Expensive but fun.)

What can you expect then?

Well, obviously good tips and advices (there’s no tricks when it comes to entrepreneurship) for sure but I don’t want to keep this too official. Which means I’ll be sharing my experiences (good, bad & the humorous) once in blue moon and also what’s going on in my life too.

You can expect to get something nice to read once a week, and I’m MORE than happy to hear your wishes (DM me on IG or send an old fashioned email, I won’t bite) on topics you’d like me to cover! Remember, this blog is made for you.

BTW, don’t forget to sign up to that newsletter! This ensures that you’ll never miss a new post (or spot on a free webinar and other goodies…).